Carly's Fresh, Elegant Bridal Boudoir Portraits

Getting married is often a time for overwhelm. Engaged people have so much to do and focus on: guests, family, plans, partnership, expectations… So I was completely inspired when Carly wanted to give a boudoir session to herself as a gift of time. A way to pause, and focus inward before this significant event in her life.

From the beginning, Carly wanted her portraits to feel classic, fresh and elegant; blending a sense of lightness with more sensual elements for a session that was truly her. She was familiar with my portraits of K, loved the authentic, unstudied quality of many of her portraits and wanted to channel those vibes for her own session.

Carly’s wardrobe incorporated two really creative pieces: a simple veil and a swath of lace. She made the veil herself just for this session, and while it’s not the one that Carly will wear on her wedding day, but it brings such a bridal feel to these portraits. Carly also brought along some beautiful pieces of lace. Reminiscent of the lace in her wedding dress, these pieces added so much texture and meaning to these portraits without feeling like a costume. It was such a creative way to channel a bridal feel in this session.

Hayley Sachs did Carly’s hair and makeup and created some beautiful eye-fancyness to bring out the subtle tones in Carly’s hazel eyes and beachy waves to create soft texture in her hair.

Carly! Thank you for taking time to slow down with me and create these amazing portraits. I was so inspired by your vision of boudoir as a time to turn inward during this momentous and busy time in your life!

Carly Boudoir-01.jpg
Carly Boudoir-03.jpg
Carly Boudoir-06.jpg
Carly Boudoir-07.jpg
Carly Boudoir-10.jpg
Carly Boudoir-12.jpg
Carly Boudoir-11.jpg
Carly Boudoir-13.jpg
Carly Boudoir-14.jpg
Carly Boudoir-17.jpg
Carly Boudoir-18.jpg
Carly Boudoir-20.jpg
Carly Boudoir-19.jpg
Carly Boudoir-22.jpg
Carly Boudoir-21.jpg
Carly Boudoir-23.jpg
Carly Boudoir-25.jpg
Carly Boudoir-30.jpg
Carly Boudoir-24.jpg
Carly Boudoir-26.jpg
Carly Boudoir-27.jpg
Carly Boudoir-29.jpg

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Alyssa L-K