Anniversary Boudoir Portraits

Anniversary boudoir portraits in Minneapolis! 

I am so excited to share these pictures with you today!! K reached out to me to do a boudoir portrait session for her one-year anniversary; she had thought about doing a bridal boudoir session before her wedding but had never found the right time to make a photoshoot happen. Her anniversary felt like a lovely reason to plan a special gift for her husband, but she also felt like it was a good excuse to do something to celebrate herself and who she is. 

K wanted her pictures to feel confident and sexy and relaxed - she was so excited to incorporate her wedding dress into some pictures, so we planned a series of images inspired by how she felt getting ready on her wedding day. 

She brought along a lovely mix of other outfits: yoga pants and a cozy lounge top to channel her calm side, a blue bra/underwear set that looks amazing with her red hair, a classic black bra (a super flattering balconette style with pretty lace detailing!), and scroll all the way to the bottom to see her epic rust-colored strapless long-line bra, which brought in beautiful variety and bold/elegant color. 

Thanks to Kelsey Schwartz for the beautiful hair and makeup styling!