The Experience: One epic Day

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After you arrive to the studio, your portrait session can begin with pro hair and makeup styling - the artists I work with are talented at creating beautiful, natural styles that look amazing on camera. 

Then we'll start your session! There's no limit to time or outfits, so we'll take it at a relaxed pace.  I'm an expert at posing so I'll be able to give you a lot of direction (without you looking stiff or awkward, I promise!) and you'll leave feeling amazing.

We'll take a break in the early afternoon.

While I edit your pictures, you take yourself out for an adventure!  You could take yourself out to lunch, meet a friend for drinks, hop into a local yoga class, get a massage, wander a bookstore... Take some time for yourself. This is your day! 

Later that same afternoon, you'll come back to the studio to see your final portraits!! I

You'll choose your favorites and place your order - I even have some pieces I keep in stock so you could might be able to walk out that same night with your portraits in hand! 

Special-order pieces usually arrive within a month or two. If you'd like to learn more about product and pricing options, click here to download info and pricing!

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"It was absolutely amazing that you got to see your pictures the same day!"  

- Kelly


Hold your portraits in your hands

All of my portraits are ordered with both printed and digital versions, so you'll have pictures to back up onto your computer - and more meaningfully, you'll have printed, tangible art you can hold in your hands.  

My clients especially love my boudoir boxes (wooden and silk boxes holding a stack of your portraits) and my leather and linen albums. All of my products are handmade in the US (often in the midwest!), and I do my best to work directly with artists using sustainable materials.