the experience:
how a session works







one epic day

Sharing the whole day with my amazing clients always feels super-magical. Here's the timeline of a typical boudoir session day:

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/// 9am


hair and makeup

Your portrait session begins with pro hair and makeup styling at my studio - the artists I work with are talented at creating beautiful, natural styles that look amazing on camera. 

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/// 10am


empowering photoshoot

We'll flow through your session at a relaxed pace - we have unlimited time and outfit changes. I'm an expert at posing and will give you a lot of gentle direction/guidance (without anything that feels too stiff or awkward, I promise!) and you'll leave feeling proud and amazing. 


/// 1pm


afternoon break

While I edit your pictures, you get an afternoon to yourself! Take yourself out to lunch, meet a friend for drinks, hop into a local yoga class, get a massage, wander a bookstore... Take some time for yourself. This is your day! 

DetailsImage 2.png

/// 5pm


see your portraits

Later that same afternoon, you'll come back to the studio to see your final portraits!! You'll choose your favorites and place your order - I even have some pieces I keep in stock so you might be able to walk out that same night with your portraits in hand! 


" Seeing how beautiful I felt translated to beautiful pictures was incredible."


What to do with boudoir photos-10.jpg

hold your portraits in your hands

All of my portraits are ordered with both printed and digital versions, so you'll have pictures to back up onto your computer - and more meaningfully, you'll have printed, tangible art you can hold in your hands.  

My clients especially love my boudoir boxes (wooden and silk boxes holding a stack of your portraits) and my leather and linen albums. All of my products are handmade in the US (often in the midwest!), and I do my best to work directly with artists using sustainable materials.  


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