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In our society, women are told over and over that they aren't good enough - they need to be photoshopped in order to be beautiful, they need to dress or walk or live in a certain way... there's a lot of pressure and a lot of control that is taken away from us. The world is even harsher for people who have been marginalized or whose existence has been ignored or underrepresented.

I’m a person who carries a lot of privilege - I’m a white, cisgendered woman married to a man. I do my best to recognize and acknowledge my privilege, and to use it to create a space that is as welcoming and inclusive as possible for the individuals that I work with.

I believe Black Lives Matter. I’ll photograph you regardless of your religion, race, cultural or ethnic background, citizenship status, gender identification, sexual orientation, profession, or physical ability. I’m a body-positive feminist and welcome people of all body shapes, sizes, and ages. I’m an LBGTQIA+ friendly photographer, and I welcome trans folks and gender non-binary folx in my studio.

Overall, I do my best to be an inclusive and empowering photographer. You deserve to be validated and seen, to feel safe, and to be celebrated without judgement. I’m here to tell your story with love and respect.

Don’t see someone who looks like you in my portfolio?

If you’re looking through my portfolio and wondering whether you belong, I’m sorry that I gave you a reason for holding those feelings. One thing that’s tricky with boudoir portraits is that because these photos are so intimate, I give my clients a lot of control over how private or public their pictures can be after I photograph them - this is a good thing to help clients feel that their pictures are safe, but it also means that I can’t always publicly show all the people that I’ve photographed. So, you might notice that a lot of the folks you see in my portfolio are white women in their 20s and 30s. I’m going to be taking some steps in early 2019 to change that up because I want everyone who sees my work to feel like they belong there.

In the meantime, if you’re unsure whether you belong in my studio or whether I can photograph you, your session fee is on me (that doesn’t mean you need to share your pictures publicly - it’s just my way of saying I’m sorry that you didn’t feel included). Just click here to get in touch with me, let me know why you didn’t feel represented, and we’ll create some incredible, celebratory portraits together.