Charlotte's leather boudoir album

What to do with boudoir portraits? Charlotte's printed albums tells her bridal boudoir story. 

Charlotte and I worked together for a bridal boudoir portrait session  recently. She decided to create this gorgeous boudoir album with her portraits and I had to show you how beautifully the album turned out! 

One of the things I love most about being a Minneapolis boudoir photographer is that I create tangible, printed art for every one of my clients. Women come to me for my empowering, elegant style of boudoir photography but also because I can help them create beautiful printed art to hold in their hands with their portraits. 

One of my most popular options for boudoir is created a printed boudoir album like this! This album holds twenty of Charlotte's favorite portraits in a square album. The album cover can be customized with your favorite color of leather, linen, or silk - Charlotte chose this stunning wine-colored leather to match the color of one of her lingerie pieces. The luscious cover, thick album pages, and luminous portraits all flow togehter so beautiuflly - when she came and picked up her album she was so excited to take it home!!  

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