Autumn's Strong, Feminine Boudoir Session

Autumn had been thinking about a boudoir session for a long time. She considered doing a session before her wedding and even though the logistics didn’t work out, she always had the idea of celebrating herself in that way in the back of her mind. So when body positivity and self-love became a big theme in her life this year she decided to schedule a session with me!

Autumn wanted her portraits to feel romantic, feminine and strong and I loved that combination. So we planned a mix of outfits to spotlight those qualities.

Autumn’s first outfit was a soft-rose bra and panty set with a blush-colored t-shirt layered over it. Adding a layer like a soft tee or a floaty sweater is a great way to make your whole look feel a bit more relaxed and casual and it’s lovely here, really capturing the feminine, romantic vibes Autumn wanted. I also love adding a few layers early in the session; it can make you feel less exposed and more natural as you’re settling in and getting comfortable in the studio.

We also incorporated Autumn's ballet flats into this look: she’s a dancer and this was such a seamless, natural way to celebrate this beautiful skill.

Boudoir portrait with ballet flats.jpg
Ballet inspired boudoir photography.jpg

Her second look, an inky indigo-gray nighty, was a perfect combination of strong and romantic. The delicate straps highlight Autumn’s shoulders, while the defined, architectural lines of trim at the V-neckline and hem create that sense of structure and strength.

Autumn Boudoir-06.jpg
Autumn Boudoir-09.jpg

Her next two bra and panty sets, one a cloudy grey and one seafoam green are both full of wonderful textures and unique details, but, because the colors were so similar I wanted to use the setting to play up the differences and create unique portraits. In the grey set, we used the dressing room in the studio. It’s full of bright, reflective light that made the colors soft and I guided Autumn into poses to amplify the romantic feeling.  For the seafoam set, we used the floor of the studio to add the strong lines to the photo and create a more intense vibe.

Autumn Boudoir-14.jpg
Autumn Boudoir-17.jpg

She rounded out the session with three outfits that really captured different parts of her personality: her favorite stripey tee, something she felt so cozy and at-home in, an amazing bodysuit that played up parts of herself she found most beautiful, and this unique metallic black set that adds glamour without feeling too over-the-top.

Minnesota Boudoir Photographer
Autumn Boudoir-10.jpg
Casual Minnesota Boudoir Photos.jpg
Autumn Boudoir-20.jpg
Autumn Boudoir-21.jpg
Autumn Boudoir-22.jpg
Autumn Boudoir-23.jpg

Autumn! Thank you for choosing me to go on your boudoir journey with you! I loved creating portraits that channeled everything you want to celebrate about yourself.

Alyssa L-K