My new Minneapolis boudoir studio!

I am so incredibly excited to introduce to you my new boudoir studio!!! If you've been following me on instagram, you've probably seen some (or a lot of) behind-the-scenes footage as I've moved in, revamped the space, and set up my dream boudoir studio.

I've loved the last studio I was shooting in, but it was a shared space (kind of like a co-op) between many photographers, and I've been getting busy enough that it was time for me to find a studio that is 100% mine :) This space is inside of The Semple Mansion, a historic building and gorgeous wedding venue here in south Minneapolis. The mansion has a number of office suites, and it was such happy timing that I was able to move into this beautiful space. 

The overall feeling of the studio is lovely - it's cozy and elegant and has beautiful light and a great feeling to it. I'm so excited to show you more, so let me take you on a little tour! 


My studio is on the third floor of the Semple Mansion (if you're into architecture, you'll love the historic staircase on the way up! If you'd prefer to take the elevator, we can arrange that too.) 

Minneapolis Boudoir Studio Illuminate Boudoir-01.jpg

Beverage Station

One of the first things you'll see when you enter my studio is this storage cabinet (full of example boudoir albums and printing supplies!) topped with a beverage station.

I keep coffee, tea, champagne/prosecco, and sparkling water on hand for photoshoots. 

I also keep a stash of fruit leathers and granola bars around because you know me - I'm a big snacker. I get hungry during photoshoots and the same is true for my clients (it can be strangely exhausting having your picture taken!)

Minneapolis Boudoir Studio Illuminate Boudoir-03.jpg
Minneapolis Boudoir Studio Illuminate Boudoir-04.jpg

hair and makeup station

Hair and makeup styling is included in my boudoir sessions, and I love that my stylists can come right into my studio and you can relax while you get your hair and makeup done.

Minneapolis Boudoir Studio Illuminate Boudoir-12.jpg
Minneapolis Boudoir Studio Illuminate Boudoir-13.jpg

dressing room

The studio has a private dressing room - and as funny as it might sound, this sunny corner of the studio is one of my favorite little nooks! Inside, you'll find space to hang the outfits you've brought for your session and space to change and have a snack during the photoshoot. I also stock this area with some toiletries (tissues, lotion, ibuprofen, tampons, first aid supplies) as well as facewash and makeup remover in case you'd like to remove your makeup after your photoshoot.

Cozy + light

My studio has one accent wall of blue/gold vintage wallpaper (it was in the whole room when I moved in!) and the other walls have been painted a creamy white color; my space south-facing windows let in beautiful light which is perfect for portraits, and the white walls reflect the light throughout the whole space. 

My style of shooting boudoir is very natural and portrait-y. As I chose my furniture and decided how to use this space, I really wanted to avoid the feeling of stagnant sets or props. I chose furniture with neutral, elegant colors and textures that will provide a lot of variety to pictures without taking away from the woman I'm photographing - I always want her to be the focal point. 

Minneapolis Boudoir Studio Illuminate Boudoir-06.jpg
Minneapolis Boudoir Studio Illuminate Boudoir-05.jpg
Minneapolis Boudoir Studio Illuminate Boudoir-07.jpg
Gray bedding feels cozy, calm, and relaxed.

Gray bedding feels cozy, calm, and relaxed.

White bedding bring a light, airy, and elegant feeling. Here you can also see the vintage gold headboard.

White bedding bring a light, airy, and elegant feeling. Here you can also see the vintage gold headboard.

Minneapolis Boudoir Studio Illuminate Boudoir-14.jpg
Minneapolis Boudoir Studio Illuminate Boudoir-15.jpg
Minneapolis Boudoir Studio Illuminate Boudoir-17.jpg
Minneapolis Boudoir Studio Illuminate Boudoir-19.jpg
Minneapolis Boudoir Studio Illuminate Boudoir-16.jpg
Minneapolis Boudoir Studio Illuminate Boudoir-18.jpg

I'm so excited for all my upcoming photoshoots in here and can't wait to start showing you sessions from the studio!! If you're considering a boudoir session and would like to learn more, you can click here to download session info and pricing! 

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