Romantic bridal boudoir portraits

What a sweet, sweet session!! Danielle and I met through one of her friends, who was a past boudoir client of mine. I always looooove when my clients send their besties my way - it's honestly the best testimonial I can receive and means so much <3 

Danielle got married last fall, and wanted to create some romantic bridal boudoir portraits to gift her fiance on the morning of their wedding (apparently their wedding photographer got a priceless photo of him opening them up!) 

Danielle and I connected before her portrait session to talk about how she wanted to be photographed - she was looking for portraits that would be romantic and elegant and sexy; documenting an exciting and meaningful moment in her own life while also creating an intimate gift to share with her partner. 

Danielle's bridal boudoir portrait session

We had an incredible photoshoot! Danielle arrived to my Minneapolis boudoir studio in the morning, got her hair and makeup done (by hair and makeup artist Kelsey Schwartz) and then we jumped into her photoshoot!  After the session, we took a break and then she came back to see her portraits that same day!! 

So excited to share these pictures with you - be sure to scroll down to the bottom to see the ones incorporating her wedding veil!! 

If you're interested in learning more about my Minneapolis boudoir photography, you can click here for more session info! 

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