Mariah's Boudoir Session to Honor Her Wellness Journey

Have I mentioned how much I love our Minneapolis community? The story of this next boudoir session starts at one of my favorite Minneapolis events: (She Is) Rooted.

If you’re not familiar with (She Is) Rooted, I so encourage you to check it out; each month a group of therapists, wellness folks and artists come together to host an event centered on real, honest connections and expression. And there are usually delicious drinks and snacks!

I met Mariah at one of these events hosted at Tattersall Distillery. Together we did yoga and therapeutic art, sat together in deep conversations facilitated by a local therapist, and, even though the event was only a few hours, at the end of the evening it felt like I was among a group of my oldest, dearest friends.

I was attending the event to take portraits of all the attendees. And, in chatting about my work with Mariah, she was intrigued by the idea of boudoir photos as a self care activity, in her words “a chance to love on myself.” And so we scheduled a session together a couple weeks later. 

One of Mariah’s passions is body positivity and, wherever she shows up, either online or in her life, she champions the idea that mental health and physical health go hand in hand. She wanted to create some portraits that were at once candid and romantic and strong.  That honored her own journey towards self love and health on her own terms.

Hayley from Hayley Sachs Artistry did Mariah’s hair and makeup, creating a slightly more polished version of the way Mariah shows up in her everyday life.

And I loved the variety of outfits Maria brought with her: with only a few different looks, Mariah really highlighted all the different aspects she wanted to see in herself.

She threaded everyday personal pieces like her workout wear, this sweet sweater and coffee mug with special, romantic teddies and a stunning bra/panty set from Flirt Boutique.

While some of these portraits skew strong and powerful and some feel a bit more soft and romantic, they embody both. They’re a mix, just like Mariah herself.

Mariah, thank you for your deep conversation and commitment to embody and empower everyone on this journey towards mental and physical health. I so loved connecting with you  and helping you create your vision in these portraits!

Mariah Boudoir-17.jpg
Mariah Boudoir-22.jpg
Alyssa L-K