Delaney's Cozy Boudoir Session

Delaney booked a boudoir session because she didn’t have any significant photos of herself.

This is a chat I have with many of my clients and it’s a funny conundrum. As the number of our selfies and Facebook photos and snapshots taken with phones increases, the meaning in our photos decreases.

Amid all the noise, it becomes harder and harder to cherish the photos that you love, that capture something personal, or essential, that mark a significant moment in time.

When Delaney joined me for one of the first sessions in my new studio she wanted to capture this type of photo: One that was uniquely her, that celebrated everything she is for herself.

By coincidence our session also marked a meaningful moment in time, on the day her session was scheduled she was accepted to graduate school to be a physicians assistant. And, as I eavesdropped a bit on the incredibly sweet phone call when she told her mom, I thought how lovely it was for Deleney to be able to celebrate all the compassion and empathy she’ll give to patients over the course of her new career by giving compassion, empathy and celebration to herself during this boudoir session.

Delaney had her hair and makeup done by Haley Sachs who created subtle shading to bring out the intense green of Delany’s eyes.

When we first talked about wardrobe for her session, Delaney wanted to feel cozy, recreating the moments where she felt most beautiful, most herself. So, after some guidance on details and tone, she chose layers of textured tights and sweaters, spicy greens to highlight her eyes and rich pinks and burgundys - her favorite colors.

Portraits like this are a great reminder that boudoir doesn’t have to mean showing a lot of skin. The intimacy comes from feeling comfortable just as you are.

Delaney, thank you for sharing such a momentous time in your life with me! I loved celebrating your acceptance to grad school with you and creating photos that are so essentially you.

P.S. Fun fact, I met Delaney when she was a bridesmaid in Jen and Eric’s amazing fall wedding at Bunker Hill Golf Course. See her looking stunning in burgundy (and bride Jen’s epic train) here.


Alyssa L-K