Elegant portraits in a Minneapolis boudoir studio

Emily planned this incredible session as a celebration of herself; at the time of her session, she was a few months out from getting married and wanted to honor and document her current chapter of life. 

I remember in one of my first phone calls with her when we were talking about her session, she said something that changed the way I approach bridal boudoir portraits. She said that being engaged to her partner made her excited to be married and proud of her partnership, and also made her proud of herself as an independent woman. 

It's so true: being engaged is a meaningful time in life for a number of reasons. Emily's session was a celebration of the beautiful life she's created for herself; a symbol of her strength and beauty as a whole, independent person, and a stunning way to celebrate her upcoming union with her partner. 

Emily envisioned her session to have an elegant, empowering aesthetic - in planning her outfits, she chose a mix of layers and textures (from a cozy black tank top and sweater, to a feminine blue and white chemise, to a modern white set with linear detailing) that all fit into a cohesive, elegant color palette.  Hayley Sachs Artistry channeled Emily's vision for a soft, natural look with her hair/makeup. 

Emily, I'm so glad that we could work together!! You are such a luminous person inside and out. When I look at these portraits, I'm so struck by your authentic sense of self - you look so happy and real and confident in who you; what a beautiful thing to document at this time in life. You are amazing!!

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