What to do with boudoir pictures: a silk box

A couple weeks ago, I shared some portraits from Bria's empowering boudoir portraits (if you haven't seen them yet, you'll want to!! Click here to take a look.) and I want to show you what she did with her boudoir portraits! 

Like over half of my clients, Bria's session was a gift to herself! From the beginning of planning her session, she wanted her portraits to feel celebratory - proud and beautiful and empowered. My whole philosophy about photography is embedded in creating tangible, printed art with your portraits - so in addition to taking home a usb with her portraits, she also stacked her favorite portraits into this luminous silk box. 

What to do with boudoir pictures? 

SO many clients are unsure of what to do with their boudoir pictures after their session - they'd like to do a session but aren't sure about what the next step is. I love being able to take care of that "next step" for them - the same day as your session, you come back to see your pictures (yes!! THE SAME DAY!) and together we'll choose your favorites images and decide how you want to keep them. These boxes are such a beautiful way to look back at your portraits - they feel modern and really unique. They're like a loose-leaf album in some ways: with a stack of your pictures inside, you can continually rotate which portrait is on top, take some out of the box to share with a loved one or to display on a shelf, or keep the box lovingly tucked away on your dresser or bookshelf. 

My other favorite thing about these boxes is that I can usually keep these in stock - Bria took this box of printed portraits home the same day as her photoshoot! 

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