Casual Boudoir Portraits with a sweater

These portraits are from a session in my natural-light Minneapolis boudoir studio from last fall, and I'm so excited to show them to you! She wanted her portraits to feel relaxed and beautiful and cozy, so we planned some casual boudoir portraits with a sweater and a mug of coffee and it was glorious.  

After her session, she had some incredible things to say about her experience, so I'm going to share her words! 

Minneapolis Boudoir Portraits by Illuminate Boudoir-5.jpg

"Preparing for my session was a really straight-forward process, and Alyssa was so helpful throughout all of it! She helped me get everything booked at the best time for me, helped me select a wardrobe that I felt both comfortable and beautiful in, and made me feel at home the entire time. While I was still a little nervous, I somehow also felt completely prepared.

The session felt more like we were just hanging out and having fun, and less like a structured photo shoot. Even when I was posed, the session still felt candid and real... It was incredibly natural and comfortable."

Casual Minneapolis boudoir portraits
Casual Minneapolis Boudoir Portraits by Illuminate Boudoir-8.jpg

"When all was said and done, I felt so incredibly strong and beautiful, inside and out. I walked out into the world, standing tall and head held high, feeling like I could take on anything. It was a truly empowering experience! 

Minneapolis boudoir photography by Illuminate Boudoir
Black and White Minneapolis Boudoir Portrait

"After the session, I felt more sure of myself. I felt more confident. My whole life thus far, I've struggled with loving myself for who I am, I've never felt comfortable in my own skin, and negative body image has been an ever present issue. While no one thing can instantly erase those struggles, this session was definitely a huge leap in the right direction. It was a gift to myself to help me see myself the way I want to be seen: strong, courageous, and beautiful, inside and out. Alyssa helped me break out of my box, try something new, and allow myself to be seen in a different light.

Casual Minneapolis Boudoir Portraits with Flannel
Relaxed Minneapolis Boudoir Portraits

"When I saw my pictures there was a lot of shock, speechlessness, and emotion. Then some disbelief ("No way, that can't be me."), followed by sheer joy ("Hey, look! I'm beautiful!") and more emotion. The Reveal was everything I wanted it to be, and the pictures were more beautiful than I could have imagined."

Casual Minneapolis Boudoir Portraits by Illuminate Boudoir

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Alyssa L-K