See your boudoir portraits the same day as your session!

New year, new boudoir experience! 

So excited to share this exciting new with you: I've rebuilt my boudoir session experience so that you can see your portraits the same day as your session! 

This idea came about based on feedback I've heard from my recent clients - I survey all of my boudoir clients to ask for their feedback, suggestions, etc (this is also where I've found many of the kind words from clients that I share on my portfolio page!). I realized that many women were saying that their least favorite part of their boudoir experience was having to wait a week or two to see their portraits.  

I gave this some deep thought and decided that it was something I could change! I added a professional-grade photo printer to my office and I began printing my own photographs. Beyond the joy I'm finding in having complete control over how my images look, is incredible because it allows me to have a much faster turnaround time for my clients (without having to wait for a print lab to process and ship my prints to me). 

Empowered with my own ability to finish and print my photographs in much less time than before, I've restructured my boudoir session experience so that you come in for a session in the morning and see your portraits that afternoon! It's an incredible experience - boudoir sessions have already been empowering, but this transforms it into an entire magical day of self-care and self-celebration. 

Here's what a Minneapolis Boudoir Session day looks like now: 

8:00 am - arrive to my natural-light studio in Northeast Minneapolis. I'll show you around my space, get you something to drink, and introduce you to my hair and makeup artist. She'll start styling you so you can relax and feel fancy! 

9:00am - we'll start your photoshoot! Boudoir sessions still include unlimited session time and an unlimited number of outfits (most women bring 2-4 outfits). 

by 12:00 - we'll be wrapped up with your session (often sooner, but I like to allow plenty of time so we don't feel rushed and you can take breaks as needed!) 

from 12:00 - 4:00 - you go and have an adventure! You'll be feeling empowered and proud after your session (plus you'll have gorgeous hair and makeup to boot) so take yourself out on a date, meet a friend for lunch, go shopping, get a mani-pedi, etc...

While you're relaxing for a few hours, I'll dash back to my apartment/office. I will go through all your images, choose the most epic portraits from each outfit/pose (you'll see 25-30 images!), edit and print your final images. It's a whirlwind couple of hours on my end, but it's so worth it to be able to provide a same-day experience to my amazing clients.  

4:00pm - we'll meet up at my office for your Boudoir Reveal! You'll see all your final images and it will be amazing! You'll choose your favorites and I'll help you place your order while we're together so I can answer all your questions. 

by 6:00pm - you'll be heading home after seeing your portraits! I even keep some of my products in stock so depending on what you order, you may be able to take home your printed photographs that same evening! 

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Feeling ready to book your session? I would LOVE to photograph you!  I'm booking sessions right now for February 2017 onwards and my schedule will fill up quickly - if you're considering a boudoir session this winter, click here to get in touch and we can chat, see if we're a good fit for each other, and get your session on the calendar!

Alyssa L-K