Connected, Approachable Personal Brand Photos and Headshots for Therapist Linnea

I’ve known and photographed Linnea through so many of the important seasons in her life. Way back, nearly a decade ago now, she and her partner Ross trusted me to photograph their wedding when I was just embarking on my solo photography career. Since then, I’ve joined Linnea as her family grew to photograph her pregnancy and the arrival of baby Pax!

Somewhere along the way we became good friends, meeting up to talk life and work. Linnea is a therapist and when we started chatting about personal branding photography it felt very full circle to have her join me in the studio.

Like all my personal branding sessions, the process starts with a consultation to delve into how you want to visually represent your brand.

The biggest difference between how I approach a boudoir session versus a personal branding session is an internal versus external focus.  With boudoir, the intention is internal; I ask “How do you want to feel in your body in this moment? How do you want to celebrate and remember this time in your life?” With personal branding, I’m guiding my clients through how they want their brand to be in the world, how they want to speak to and connect with their customers.

While some folks come to me knowing what they want, more often it takes a conversation about their brand style, work, approach and values to really translate their story into photographs.

While Linnea is very confident in her therapy practice, she wasn’t sure how to capture that in photos. We talked extensively about her ideal clients (women and couples) and her approach to therapy (narrative, feminist and empowering.) She wanted to make sure that the photos conveyed that she was a real person; she wanted her warmth and kindness to reach out of the photo. She wanted folks who looked at her brand photos to feel a sense of the care she extends to each client.

So we designed the photos to feel warm and open. I asked Linnea to bring some meaningful materials from her office to give my studio a sense of place and guided her through poses where she looked like a regular human, rather than a fashion model or a stiff “professional.” Instead she looks like a friend; someone you can instantly trust.

Linnea, thank you for joining me for another amazing season in your life! I’m so excited to help you bring love, healing and connection to more folks with these photos.

P.S. Looking for an amazing therapist? I encourage you to check out Linnea’s therapy and pre-marital counseling practice The Rooted Vow.

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