Dylan's Playful, Present Boudoir Portraits

Dylan might have the coolest highschool story of anyone I’ve ever met. During her teens, she was part of a neo-burlesque troupe: a group of folks gathering together to celebrate all kinds of bodies and sexualities.

So when we met she immediately shared how that experience instilled in her a deep sense of feeling powerful in her body. She was drawn to my celebratory approach to boudoir photography and wanted to plan a session that fully accepted her body and personality in all of it’s forms.

She shared with me her desire to take a in-the-moment approach, to let the session unfold in a natural way and be open to where the energy of the day led.

To guide the style and direction for her session, I asked Dylan about her favorite things about herself. She told me she loved her sense of humor, she loved her work as a theatrical stage manager, she loved her “dark Scorpio side” and she loved the moments where she felt more grounded, more calm.

Most important to her in these photos was creating a sense of connection, of being vulnerable and present in the moment.

Dylan brought a number of really varied wardrobe pieces from pretty bra and underwear sets, to pieces that recalled her time performing burlesque (like this flower crown!), to some collared shirts to play with the idea of gender and androgyny here. I love how these photos capture so many sides of her personality.

Kelsey of The Hair Badassery styled Dylan’s short hair in a refined version of her usual pompadour and gave her beautiful, dramatic eye makeup to help telegraph all her different moods.

I love the range in these portraits, from joyful and light hearted, to direct and intense and calmly introspective. Dylan brought so much of herself to this small moment in time.

Dylan, thank you for sharing your incredible stories and amazing creativity with me! I loved helping you follow your own energy and capturing the essence of yourself in all of it’s forms.  

Dylan Boudoir-03.jpg
Dylan Boudoir-05.jpg
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Alyssa L-K