Privacy with your Boudoir Pictures, and A's Anonymous Boudoir Session

"A" joined me in the studio for a body-positive session that was full of personal meaning for her. Not only was A incredibly mindful about her session details, but she was also very intentional in choosing to share only a fraction of her portraits publicly. A lot of clients will reach out to me initially and one of their first questions is:

“Do my pictures have to go online because I see that other people have their pictures online?

Absolutely not. Your pictures can be completely private and entirely yours. I will invite you to share them if you would like, but any photographs that you have seen of past clients on my website, social media, example products I use in the studio, and online publications are there because those people have given me really explicit permission to share them.

I believe that consent and privacy are super important in all photography but especially with something as intimate and personal as boudoir. This belief is the reason I begin every boudoir session by going through a very detailed permission form and model release with each of my clients.

A lot of people will simply give me permission to photograph them and opt not to give me permission to share their portraits anywhere, keeping their photos completely private. Many times I have clients coming in to do these sessions totally for themselves, and they might not show their pictures to anyone in their own lives, much less strangers online, so this is a wonderful option for them.

Some clients, like A, decide that they’re comfortable with me sharing pictures as long as they remain anonymous and don’t show their face I’ve even had clients who will wait to see their pictures and then choose exactly which images I can or cannot share publicly.

And, some of my clients give me permission to share any of their photos anywhere, which is where most of the photos you see on my website and social media come from. I ask for consent and offer complete privacy with every single client at every single boudoir session and am committed to honoring your choices.

“A” joined me in the studio to create portraits that would serve as a way to build her own self-confidence and share with her partner as a gift on their wedding day. We planned A’s session to feel like her version of “natural sexy” and create a sense of body positivity within.

A was so mindful of bringing that body-positive intention into her vision for makeup, hair, and wardrobe. She made choices that reflected what felt true and natural to her, and I love how powerful that is.

She wanted her makeup to be just a step more dramatic and elevated than what she would wear daily. When it came to her hair, she wanted to be true to herself: A said that she never wears her hair curled, and that wouldn’t feel natural to her, so she chose to have it down and straight with its natural texture-- only adding a little extra volume.

Her wardrobe was full of carefully curated pieces, including a veil and cheeky, scalloped panties that were a soft and romantic combination full of texture. She also brought a pink bodysuit with a mix of geometric lace and sheer panels.  A white bra with a unique back helped create cool shoulder detail and a fitted black bra with scalloped details completed her look.

Boudoir Portrait Details-6.jpg
Boudoir Portrait Details-7.jpg
Boudoir Portrait Details-8.jpg
Boudoir Portrait Details-2.jpg
Boudoir Portrait Details-3.jpg
Boudoir Portrait Details.jpg
Boudoir Portrait Details-5.jpg
Boudoir Portrait Details-4.jpg

A, thank you for bringing your mindfulness to your session and staying true to you. I enjoyed creating portraits with you that feel so natural and happy and I’m so grateful we were able to work together to document this moment in your life!

Alyssa L-K