Leah’s Strong, Empowered Boudoir Portraits

It is interesting to think about how much can change in even a single year of life. How we feel and look and the energy that comes through pictures can be completely different in this amount of time. A favorite part of my job is when I’m granted the privilege of documenting a person’s journey through multiple boudoir sessions.

Some really lovely components come into play when folks return to the studio a second time. They don’t have the same nerves as the first time they were photographed and know what to expect going into their session. Many times they have a sense of what kind of pictures will resonate with them-- certain outfits or expressions might feel very fitting for this new chapter of life.

Returning clients tend to either be more involved in the creative process, sharing more opinions on the tone and style they want their session to encompass or actually have fewer opinions and are more trusting in me as their photographer. Either way they come from a place of understanding what to expect and are excited to part of the process-- and it becomes a bit of a collaboration!

When a client does multiple sessions with me, I’m always amazed at how different each session feels - it has a  unique tone and really documents where they are in that moment in time.

While I know returning clients and we feel comfortable with each other at this point, I try not to assume that they want something identical to their first session - I want to give them space to take this session wherever feels right for them.  I’ll still have a planning chat or meet up in my studio before their session, when we’ll talk about what is going on in their life right now, ideas they have for these pictures, what might feel different this time, and walk through wardrobe choices.

Leah came to me to plan a second boudoir session for a little over a year after her first. I loved her energy during our first session and was thrilled when she reached out to work together again. See Leah’s modern, soft, and casual first boudoir session on the blog.

She talked about creating pictures that would feel a little more bold and sexy, in a strong and empowered way, and also wanted some that would feel relaxed and candid. I loved the idea of bringing in multiple intentions that spoke to different aspects of her personality and life at this given point in time. These styles fit together super well and totally came through in her pictures.

To add more drama and pop to her photos, Leah wanted her hair and makeup to be bolder than her first session. Kelsey from the Hair Badassery added volume and shape to her hair, highlighted her cheek bones, and played up her eyes.

Natural Light Minnesota Boudoir Photographer-6.jpg
Natural Light Minnesota Boudoir Photographer-7.jpg
Natural Light Minnesota Boudoir Photographer-8.jpg
Natural Light Minnesota Boudoir Photographer-9.jpg
Natural Light Minnesota Boudoir Photographer-10.jpg
Natural Light Minnesota Boudoir Photographer-11.jpg

Leah, thank you for trusting me to document your journey through boudoir portraits. Your creative, calm energy was a joy to have in the studio again, and I so loved  collaborating with you!

Alyssa L-K