Honor your inner light with elegant, empowering boudoir portraits.

Minneapolis, MN


See your portraits
the same day

Photoshoot in the morning and see your portraits that afternoon
Your boudoir session becomes one epic day of self-care and self-celebration

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Boudoir process Morning photoshoot

Arrive to the studio, get your hair/makeup done by a pro, and relax during a photoshoot with unlimited time or outfit changes.

Boudoir process afternoon break

While I edit your pictures, you take yourself out for an adventure! 

Boudoir process see your pictures the same day

Come back to the studio that same day to see your final portraits, choose your favorites, and place your order.


Hey there! I'm Alyssa. 

I started creating boudoir portraits because I believe that our world needs a change.

We need to accept and love our bodies as the beautiful and strong entities that they are - and even more so, we need to see and love ourselves for the glorious, amazing beings that we are. We are soulful and authentic and absolutely stunning.

My name is Alyssa and I’m a Minneapolis boudoir photographer. I  create elegant, artful portraits that are empowering and celebratory. I would love to talk with you about how we can create some amazing art together.