Vintage-inspired Twin Cities boudoir portraits

I have some incredible Twin Cities boudoir portraits to show you today. Inspired by V's glamorous lingerie collection, we crafted these portraits to show off her favorite pieces with an elegant, vintage-inspired style. 

Beyond her beautiful wardrobe, V also brought along some accessories that added a lot of personality into her portraits! She brought an epic string of pearls, a vintage fur coat that belonged to her mother, a black feather fan, and a few loose peacock feathers. I think the perfect accessory is something with personal meaning that adds to the style of your portraits without being too distracting, and these were the perfect touches - they made her portraits come alive. 

Minneapolis vintage-inspired boudoir portraits

"I felt more glamorous and beautiful after my session. And stronger, like I could take on anything! I felt more beautiful and confident than I had felt in a long time. The morning was so fun and freeing! 

I was stunned when I saw my pictures at the reveal. I had never taken a step back from the critical look I typically have when seeing myself in lingerie. Seeing how beautiful I felt translated to beautiful pictures was incredible."

Colorful Minneapolis boudoir portraits
Vintage Twin Cities Boudoir Portraits-5.jpg
Twin Cities Boudoir Portraits by Illuminate Boudoir.jpg
Vintage-inspired Twin Cities Boudoir Portraits.jpg

Are you considering a boudoir session? If you're seeking Twin Cities boudoir portraits full of elegance and personality and life, I would love to work with you!  Download my Boudoir Magazine for more info and pricing, and feel free to email me anytime to get in touch or learn more. 

Alyssa L-K