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Minneapolis Boudoir Photography - Alison

One of my favorite moments from working with Alison was at her Reveal when she saw her portraits for the first time. She gasped, giggled, and held each one in her hands. It was beautiful and gave me goosebumps! "When I saw my pictures, I felt amazing. I literally loved them all and I was so giddy!" - Alison.

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What to wear for your boudoir session

What to wear for your Minneapolis boudoir session: lingerie and loungewear advice from Beth at Room No. 3.  The most common concern/question that I hear from my boudoir clients? “What should I wear??”  To get the best answers to this question I sought out Beth Griesgraber of Room No. 3, a stunning lingerie boutique at 50th and France.

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Classy Minneapolis Boudoir Photography

A lovely thing about boudoir sessions?  They don't have to be va-va-voomy or scantily-clad or anything you don't want them to be. If you're more into loungewear than lingerie? Pull out your favorite gauzy dress, your softest tank top, your coziest sweater. There are no expectations or preconceptions when it comes to a session that is all about you! Let these images reflect you in your most comfortable, lovely state. 

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