Stunning Minneapolis Boudoir Portraits

I love this portrait! Her lingerie is on point, her shoulders look strong and epic, her expression and her curls are the perfect mix of effortless and poised. She wanted her portraits to be true to herself and her personality; she wanted them to feel romantic and effortless and relaxed. 

She brought along epic lingerie full of textures and delicate designs, and together we created these stunning Minneapolis boudoir portraits.

One other thing you might notice in this blog post is that I'm just showing one picture today! Did you know that I don't automatically share the portraits I take of my clients? Anytime that you see a picture on my website, here on my blog, or on my instagram or other social media, it's because the client has given me permission to share their pictures! 

This might seem routine, but for a lot of women considering a boudoir session, it's super important for them to know that their pictures and their privacy will be respected. I take a lot of care to give my clients tons of control over exactly how private or share-able their pictures are. That's one of those things that might seem small, but I think it's an incredibly part of being a boudoir photographer. 

And in this post, I'm just sharing this one picture - this stunning elegant client chose to keep some of her portraits private but gave permission for me to share this one with you all, and of course I couldn't wait to show it to you!

Are you considering a boudoir session? Download my Boudoir Magazine for info and pricing details and feel free to reach out if you'd like to learn more! 

Alyssa L-K