S’s Dramatic, Romantic Boudoir Portraits

In many ways, boudoir portraits can feel like a time capsule for a particular moment of your life, and I believe this documentation can be really powerful. We carry into pictures what we love about ourselves, what we are proud of, and elements of what is going on in our lives at the moment. “S” came to Illuminate Boudoir for a spring session and was excited to incorporate some variety in her portraits - variety in emotions, outfits, and spaces of the studio. She wanted things to feel really natural and true to her, and to document some of the variety and fullness she feels in her own life right now.. 

In our initial phone call and in-person studio meeting, we spent time talking about her life and what she was proud of in her work and professional sphere. She works directly with people, uplifting and encouraging them - it is difficult work that she is passionate about, and I love that she was able to use her boudoir session as a way to turn that care and compassion inward, toward herself. There is power in this act, and I was honored to witness it unfold for S in her session.

S has a personal style inspired by a vintage aesthetic and the rockabilly era, and wanted to bring her bold romantic style into her photos through textures  and her styling. We were intentional about using my vintage couch and the warm brick walls, highlighting her wardrobe choices, and asking for a bold red lip color from SM Hair + Makeup

Her portraits feel dramatic and sexy, with a wardrobe that was totally her own. I love that she had layers and pieces that convey a sense of drama and coolness so clearly in a way that felt true to her. She played with lace and sheer textures and had a lot of cool architectural lines come through in the fabrics she chose. I love the scalloping of the lace in her romper, the bold lines in her fishnet tights, and her rocker top that feels super strong and cool (especially paired with her own darker lipstick she pulled out for this last outfit).

S’s session portraits include the cool variety she was looking for - with some portraits in color and black and white, some taken far away showing her full body in space, others closer-up to see a lot of her in the frame, details of her facing away or with her hand on hip, a variety of emotions and moods, and a mix of textures in the background.

Empowering Boudoir Studio Minneapolis-05.jpg
Empowering Boudoir Studio Minneapolis-06.jpg
Empowering Boudoir Studio Minneapolis-07.jpg
Empowering Boudoir Studio Minneapolis-10.jpg

S, thank you for reminding me of the power of self-care and self-celebration! I am so grateful to have photographed you in this phase of life - you have so much to be proud of, and I think this really comes through in your portraits! Thank you for an incredible session day.

Alyssa L-K