Romantic Minneapolis Boudoir Photography by Illuminate Boudoir

This was one of the first sessions I've done in my new Minneapolis boudoir photography studio, and I love how soft and romantic they turned out, bringing an air of simplicity and elegance to Siri's boudoir portraits. Siri was kind enough to share some lovely thoughts with me as she reflected on her session, so I'll share her words here: 

I was a little bit nervous but as soon as we started shooting, I felt comfortable pretty much immediately. Alyssa is a pro and knows how to direct you in a positive way, so you don’t have to be self-conscious or worry if you’re posing “correctly.”
— Siri
Minneapolis Boudoir Photography by Illuminate Boudoir

As Siri and I were discussing her vision for this session, we wanted her portraits to feel soft, romantic, and easy-going. She chose beautiful outfits to complement this vision, choosing fabrics that were gauzy, flowy yellow and light-colored lace. These soft, airy colors worked so beautifully to keep the focus on her eyes and stunning, rich-auburn hair (her hair and makeup was beautifully styled by Kelsey Schwartz!) 

Minneapolis Boudoir Photographer
After the session, I felt glowing, confident, beautiful inside and out. I felt a sense of inner peace & contentment that I hadn’t felt in quite some time. Also, I felt like a total knockout with my hair and makeup, which lasted the entire day.
— Siri
Romantic Minneapolis Boudoir Photography
After seeing my pictures, I was amazed at how confident and womanly the person I saw in those photos looked. My perception of myself has been heavily shaped by the reflection I see in the mirror, and in candid photos, so to see what Alyssa captured was surprising in that it was very different from that.

I feel like I see myself in a new light - I’ve always felt like the cute & quirky, slightly insecure girl, but the woman that Alyssa captured was confident and grown-up and alluring and beautiful, not just inside, but on the outside as well. I know now I portray & convey much more than I thought. I feel more dimensional!
— Siri

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