Korissa's Artsy, Romantic Bridal Boudoir Session (with a Surprise!)

Korissa’s photos have a secret. And a sweet story.

I met Korissa when she was searching for a photographer for her wedding, she was inspired by the idea of doing a bridal boudoir session as a really romantic gift for her fiance.

She and I planned a soft, artsy session for the early spring.

So I wasn’t sure what was up when she reached out in the late-fall, but she had wonderful news: she and her fiance were expecting a baby!

Korissa and her partner were full of gratitude and joy, excited by the prospect of their wedding and a little one joining their family all in one year!

But she still wanted to her boudoir session to celebrate this romantic time with her partner, her “pre-mom” self and life, and she didn’t want her boudoir portraits to be mistaken for maternity photos.  So, she asked, could we move up boudoir the session so she wasn’t really showing?

I was happy to oblige. And so Korissa joined me in the studio that December.

We delivered on the vibe Korissa was so excited about when we first met. Kelsey of The Hair Badassery enhanced Korissa’s natural soft waves, Korissa brought along the artsy, bohemian pieces that so embodied her own look. The resulting portraits capture the sweet, romantic feeling Korissa wanted to share with her husband-to-be.

And, while Korissa doesn’t look pregnant at all in these photos, her exciting news added an extra layer of meaning to every image. The session captures her, poised on the cusp of big new moments in her life.

Korissa, thank you for trusting me with these photos at such an incredible time. I’m so so proud of you for celebrating everything that you are and everything you’re soon to be!

P.S. When Korissa picked up her boudoir box a few weeks later, she had another exciting surprise: she is expecting not one baby, but twins!