Elisabeth's "Sunday-Morning-Vibes" Boudoir Session

So many of my boudoir sessions start with one reason, and then develop a much greater meaning.

Elisabeth planned a session with me this past November, she wanted to create a wonderful gift for her partner at the holidays.

As we chatted about the boudoir experience, she became excited to put herself a little out of her comfort zone and to see herself a little differently - to see herself the way her partner sees her.

She also said “I want these photos to enjoy someday when I’m old.”

I love that.

Elisabeth and I planned a session that would mix all of her favorite parts of herself and her life with her partner. Some empowered, confident portraits, some sultry and romantic images, some channeling her favorite “chill Sunday mornings” lounging in bed.

Hayley Sachs Artistry did a beautiful job creating a look that would work for all the photos, giving Elisabeth’s make-up a natural intensity without looking overly styled.

Elisabeth brought a number of outfit choices; I love the creative selection of this powerful blazer, it adds such a confident feeling to her photos and is a great contrast from the her soft elegant robe or these lazy Sunday morning portraits, still wrapped up in the sheet.

We also took a few photos with Elisabeth wearing her glasses. I’m always getting questions about whether or not to wear glasses in portraits (some people think they might look bad) and I always say “Wear them!” especially if they’re a part of your daily look. They photograph beautifully and make you look like you!

Elisabeth thought it would be impossible to see herself the way her partner sees her. She said wishing for that felt like “asking for the moon.” But, at the end of the session, I felt we really achieved that goal; she was full of confidence in her own beauty and her own body.

Elisabeth! Thank you for creating these photographs with me that show all of who you are- for yourself and your love.