Emily Rose's Post-Yoga-Glow Boudoir Session

When I first met Emily Rose, she told me she had been drawn to Illuminate Boudoir because my work didn’t feel manufactured or overly stylized. “I’m not a pin-up girl,” she said during our first conversation. She was drawn to the idea of celebrating herself with photography, but couldn't find the right photographer to capture her vision. So when we met, there was an instant synergy in capturing boudoir photos that were elegant and organic, that celebrated Emily Rose as she is.

Emily Rose is a yoga teacher and has a true gift for listening, for holding space, for being present. When she came to visit my studio pre-session to see the space and plan outfits with me, I found myself chatting away with her like we had known each other forever - like she carried her own safe space through life with her.

She came to do these portraits at a “sweet spot” in her life. She was feeling an incredible sense of pride and empowerment in her life and body and wanted her photos to be a manifestation of those feelings.

For her portraits, Emily Rose wanted to capture romantic tenderness and elegant strength and infuse the whole session with what she calls “post-yoga-glow,” that sense of care and wellbeing that she associated with her practice.

Emily Rose brought a beautiful selection of wardrobe pieces with her. We bonded over our love of Flirt Boutique (if you follow along here, you know I have a huge crush on them) and Emily Rose was excited to balance her collection of special pieces with more casual looks.

I love this floaty grey sweater that adds texture and dimension to her basic black, her modern pink crop set (so unique!) and this constellation of beautiful jewel toned looks. The rich magentas, emeralds and turquoise add such interest and depth to these portraits.

Kelsey of The Hair Badassery created this lovely hair and makeup that somehow manages to be light, soft and dramatic at the same time; enhancing Emily Rose’s intensity without distracting, and leaving room for her joyful personality to shine though.

Emily Rose, thank you for the heart-to-heart chats and this lovely session. I so enjoyed creating these portraits that celebrate all that you are in this moment.

yoga teacher boudoir portraits-01.jpg
yoga teacher boudoir portraits-05.jpg
yoga teacher boudoir portraits-06.jpg
yoga teacher boudoir portraits-07.jpg
yoga teacher boudoir portraits-08.jpg
yoga teacher boudoir portraits-09.jpg
yoga teacher boudoir portraits-12.jpg
yoga teacher boudoir portraits-18.jpg
yoga teacher boudoir portraits-21.jpg
Alyssa L-K