Strength and yoga and laughter : Minneapolis Boudoir Photography

Full of Life : Minneapolis Boudoir Photography 

I had an amazing time created portraits with this beautiful person! K wanted to create some boudoir portraits full of personality and life and vibrance and natural beauty, and we had an amazing session. I could go on forever about her stunning outfit choices, her luminous personality that shines through in these portraits, her elegance and poise, how she wanted to incorporate yoga and modern dance movements into her boudoir portraits... 

But for now, I'll leave it at this: an amazing woman, full of life and beauty and strength. And I'll her words share more about her experience...

When I left the session, I felt incredible! This boudoir session strengthened my body positivity and helped me see myself in a totally new light.

I loved that I got to see sides of myself through this session that previously were only seen by others. It was really beautiful to have that expansion of consciousness.

When I saw my boudoir portraits, I was in awe of my self and of Alyssa’s work. She is a master at bringing out the best in you, both during the shoot and then afterward with her editing.
— K

A huge thanks goes out to Kelsey Schwartz for her stunning hair and makeup for this session, embracing a just-woke-up natural-sexy bedhead look that worked perfectly for these natural boudoir portraits. Check out Kelsey's intagram at:

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