Rachel's Minimal, Dance-Inspired Boudoir Session

Rachel wanted to see herself the way she felt. We all go through times when we feel really good about ourselves, and visually documenting that confidence can be a powerful reminder on days when we doubt ourselves, or just need that memory of being really happy and alive in your body and mind.

Rachel and I connected this spring to plan a session. As an actress and a performer, Rachel wanted her photos to feel dynamic, happy and full-of-life. She also wanted to incorporate some posing that referenced dance, movement and stretching, and I love that she wanted to infuse her pictures with life and energy.

Rachel really chose to blend all the elements of the session with the goal of creating an environment where she felt great in her body. Case in point, she made her own charmingly eclectic mix of music that included Kesha, Of Monsters and Men and a cameo by Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” to play during the day.

She brought in one, gorgeous, charcoal-colored bra and panty set for the whole session. She really felt amazing in the set and it showed in the energy of the photos. To add interest and texture, she brought along some layers to combine with the set: a beautiful, draped cardigan and a soft, velvet crop-top.

The minimal outfits and color palette make these photos feel so elegant and beautiful, the focus was really on her and the energy she brought into the session.

Hayley Sachs did her makeup and I loved that Rachel chose an updo, it almost feels like she’s poised in the moment preparing to go onstage- which is her happy place.

Rachel, I loved reconnecting with you and helping you create these dynamic, elegant boudoir portraits. I was so inspired by your choice to infuse each aspect of your session with your own confident energy! Thank you Rachel.

Rachel boudoir-01.jpg
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Alyssa L-K