Jensen's Subtly Dramatic Boudoir Session

Nothing is a bigger compliment than when my past clients return for a second boudoir session. I’ve so loved sharing the journey with my clients as they return and seeing how they bring new energy to the session each time we spend the day together. When Jensen reached out to plan her second boudoir session, I was so so excited to reconnect with her.

Jensen first joined me in my old studio a little over a year ago to create some cozy portraits that captured her and her love of reading.

In this new season of her life she wanted to care for herself after a year of many challenges and to celebrate a resolution to focus on her own wellness and a return to the reading that she loves. (She’s read 52 books in 2018!)

Even though Jensen was very familiar with the Illuminate Boudoir experience, I make sure to commit the same intention to returning clients as I do with new ones, so Jensen and I chatted intentionally about her desires for this session, her ideas and what she wanted to bring with her on the day.

What was so lovely for me to see and inspiring for Jensen, is how different the energy is between her two sessions. Her first session captures her cozy, warm nature and, while this new session certainly pays homage to that side of her, it’s also infused with a bit more strength and confidence - a testament to the journey than Jensen has been on this past year.

She cultivated that tone from the beginning, asking the amazing artist from SM Hair and Makeup to create a look that was “natural, but with a hint of glam.” The result is these gentle waves paired with some relaxed, dramatic eye makeup and a slightly unexpected lip color that’s exciting and elegant at the same time.

The wardrobe pieces Jensen chose brought that same intention to confidently experiment, while remaining true to herself. From simple combinations of t-shirts and undies to the drape of this lovely, yoga-inspired top to the unexpected detail in this high-necked, lace bra, her outfits are cozy and fun, full of all the elegant complexity that is Jensen at this moment.

Jensen Boudoir-09.jpg
Jensen Boudoir-13.jpg
Jensen Boudoir-15.jpg

Some of her outfits I particularly loved: First, this indigo colored strapless bra that Jensen paired with pearls that held significant meaning for her. Strapless bras are fun because we can play with the line of the open shoulder to create contrast in the portrait and I love the way the deep indigo echos the blue details in Jensen’s glasses. The second outfit I love is this interesting, blouse-y lace bra Jensen’s wearing in these last portraits. Not only is the piece unique, but the marriage of the strong, horizontal lines with the more delicate floral details and scalloped lace trim are a lovely representation of everything that Jensen wanted to capture about herself.

Jensen Boudoir-21.jpg
Jensen Boudoir-31.jpg
Jensen Boudoir-29.jpg

Jensen, thank you for returning to celebrate this season in your life and all the things you’ve accomplished along the way!

Alyssa L-K