How to make a boudoir book

So many of my clients know that they'd like to use their boudoir portraits in a book or an album, and it's magical to work with them to create a custom piece of art full of storytelling boudoir portraits. 

I'm an expert at creating boudoir albums with my clients. 

In fact, as a Minneapolis boudoir photographer, my passion for creating printed, tangible art is one of those things that I think really sets me apart! My clients want to have digital images with their portraits as well, but women come to me because in addition to those digital images I can help them create a beautiful box full of printed portraits or an incredible album telling their story of their session. 

Why create a boudoir album? 

When deciding what to do with boudoir pictures, you can think back on why you wanted to do a boudoir session in the first place. Were you looking to document or celebrate a particular moment in your life? Have you planned your outfits to channel a particular style that really resonates with your personality? An album is a beautiful way to view your boudoir portraits as a story or narrative. 

Albums are also a really beautiful way to enjoy your boudoir portraits - with super-thick pages, high-resolution printed images, and luscious leather and linen covers, they feel substantial and important... such an inspiring way to celebrate yourself. 

How to make a boudoir book? 

Step one: choose your favorite images

The first part of designing a boudoir album is choosing which images you want to include in your album! I do this step with my clients at their Boudoir Reveal, all as a part of my same-day process. Clients come to my studio in the morning for pro hair/makeup styling and a photoshoot, take a break midday, and then come back to my office in the afternoon for a Boudoir Reveal to see all of their final images. It's amazing to see your boudoir portraits the same day as your photoshoot! 

As we're going through their portraits at the Boudoir Reveal, we'll choose which images to keep! The album shown here is a real album from K's anniversary boudoir portraits  - she decided to include all of her final images into one large, leatherbound album. Together, we decided on an order and layout for her portraits to tell the story of her anniversary session. 

Step two: Choose your album cover

It's really fun to choose which color and material you'd like for your album cover! You can choose from rich leathers, luminous silks, and textured linens, with many beautiful color options. 

Many women will choose a color that coordinates with one of their outfits, others will choose their favorite color (or a partner's favorite color, if they are creating an album as a gift), and some will choose a neutral or just whatever color speaks to them. For this album, K chose a lovely chai-colored leather. 

Step three: pick up your album!! 

A few weeks after your session day, your album will arrive and you can come and pick it up!! These moments are actually one of my favorite parts of my job - just look at the look on K's face below as she's looking through her stunning album for the first time! It's the joy of reliving your session day, seeing your pictures in a beautiful book, and holding it all in your hands. Incredible! 

Are you interested in creating a boudoir album or planning a Minneapolis boudoir portrait session? I'd love to talk with you!! You can start by downloading my Boudoir Magazine here for some info and pricing, and if you'd like to learn more just click here to get in touch!