Effortless Minneapolis Boudoir Portraits

Planning an elegant, stunning boudoir session for B was incredible. She was drawn to natural, sexy images and wanted to avoid portraits that would feel "cutesy" or forced. I love creating natural posing with my clients, so I was excited to create portraits with an unposed, effortless feel. 

B doesn't wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis and wanted her portraits to have a "just woke up" look, so my incredible hair and makeup artist, Kelsey Schwartz, gave her nude-inspired makeup (super light and natural colors to photograph well) and gave her hair a really natural bedhead-inspired wave.

In deciding what to wear, B chose two main outfits: one soft sweater and underwear combo for a cozy-casual vibe, and one black bra/underwear set for an elegant, sexy style. 

Here's what B had to say about her effortless Minneapolis boudoir portraits!

My favorite part was how beautiful it made me feel in my own skin. Because the photos looked like me, it didn’t make me feel like I could be beautiful if I wore this or that or did my hair a certain way, it made me feel like I am beautiful already.

Seeing my photos was my favorite part. I couldn’t believe all of the care Alyssa had taken to present them to me in an exciting and beautiful way. I got to see so many different sides of myself reflected in the photos and I have never felt more beautiful! They really looked like me, which I loved.

I really needed a little direction and the amount she provided was perfect. I loved how she would help to guide me into a pose but would also notice when I positioned myself naturally in a way that would photograph well. It made me really feel like a model! Her encouragement throughout the shoot made me feel more beautiful and confident as it went on.
— B
Effortless Minneapolis Boudoir Portraits
Minneapolis Boudoir Portraits by Illuminate Boudoir
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Alyssa L-K