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How to style boudoir portraits

Bringing a defined personal style into your boudoir portraits is a way to express your personality, to make your portraits feel more like "you". When I start planning a session with a new client, I spend time talking with her about what she is looking to capture in her portraits, the kind of feeling/vibe she wants her pictures to have, and we collaborate to think about how she can bring that style out in her pictures. 

As a Minneapolis boudoir photographer, I get a lot of questions about how to style boudoir portraits to feel full of life and personality, so here are a few ways you can bring out your style in your portraits.  

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Boudoir as a gift

"... My favorite thing about boudoir sessions that you're planning as a gift, though, is that the session also becomes a gift for yourself. I approach all my boudoir sessions with the goal of giving my clients an empowering, uplifting experience - something that celebrates your body as well as your personality - and that's something that you get to walk away with and keep for yourself. It's like a magical bonus gift that you get to keep while also giving something beautiful to your partner."

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Minneapolis Bridal Boudoir Outfit Inspiration

White is feminine, romantic, and very bridal, so it's an obvious choice for a Minneapolis bridal boudoir outfit. If you're not sure what to choose, go for a romantic style with a matching bralette and lace panties. I also recommend including other bridal accessories that you have - bring along your wedding jewelry, shoes, veil, garter, or even your wedding dress! 

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