Boudoir as a gift

While more than half of my clients choose to do a boudoir session as an empowering gift to themselves, I also work with many women who are planning a boudoir session so that they can gift their portraits to a significant other. 

Why plan a boudoir session as a gift? 

I work with a lot of brides who want to plan a wedding-morning gift for their fiance; I've also worked with women who do a boudoir session so they can gift the portraits to their partner for a birthday or anniversary, or for a "just because" surprise.

There are many things I love about sessions like this. On one hand, it's really fun to plan  a session for a partner - you can think about how they like to see you (they may love how you look in a particular color or they may have a favorite way you wear your hair) and that can make planning outfits and the style/feeling of your session extra fun.

On a deeper level, boudoir portraits are personal, intimate, meaningful... it's like gifting a piece of yourself, and what a beautiful symbol that is of sharing yourself with a partner. 

My favorite thing about boudoir sessions that you're planning as a gift, though, is that the session also becomes a gift for yourself. I approach all my boudoir sessions with the goal of giving my clients an empowering, uplifting experience - something that celebrates your body as well as your personality - and that's something that you get to walk away with and keep for yourself. It's like a magical bonus gift that you get to keep while also giving something beautiful to your partner. 

See your portraits the same day as your session

If you've downloaded my boudoir session magazine to learn about my session-day process, you'll know that my boudoir portraits are structured as a full day of self-care and self-celebration.

You arrive in the morning to my natural-light Minneapolis boudoir studio and get treated to hair/makeup styling. After an empowering photoshoot, we take a break for a few hours - you go out to lunch or meet a friend for drinks while I dash back to my office/apartment to edit your portraits. You arrive to my office that same afternoon to see your pictures the same day and you'll choose your favorite portraits and decide how you'd like to gift your portraits to your partner. 

How to gift your portraits: a box or an album

You can choose to order your portraits as an album or stacked in a box - both make incredible gifts.  

Boudoir portrait boxes are amazing and unique - it's a large box that holds a stack of matted portraits, so they feel modern and interactive. They're a bit like a loose-leaf album; you can rotate through them and change the order of your portraits within the box, and they're so beautiful that they make an easy, stunning gift. 

Albums tend to feel more narrative - if you like the idea of remembering your boudoir session as a story, an album is a beautiful way to look back at your portraits. 

The large linen portrait boxes are one of the products I keep in stock at my studio - that means you can actually take these home with you the same day as your session, which is incredible! These boxes are crafted by hand by a collective of artisan bookmakers in California, and they're made with stunning fabrics. I keep them in stock in cream linen and gray silk, but they can also be custom-ordered in any color you like if you want to coordinate the outside fabric to match your wedding palette, a piece of your lingerie, or one of your partner's favorite colors.

The wooden portrait boxes are hand-built in the midwest with solid walnut wood. Inside the box, your portraits are matted and wrapped with a silk ribbon that you can use to lift them out of the box for viewing.   

These printed albums are made by hand on the west coast and are completely customized - you choose your favorite color in earthy linens or luxurious leather for the cover. We'll design your album together at your Boudoir Reveal to highlight all your favorite portraits in a beautiful story. 

Design your custom cover with your a silk, linen, or leather cover in your favorite color.

Design your custom cover with your a silk, linen, or leather cover in your favorite color.

Interested in learning more about my elegant, empowering boudoir portraits? Download my boudoir magazine by clicking here, and you can check out details about seeing your portraits the same day as your session, explore pricing, and see work from recent sessions!