Hi there! I'm Alyssa, a Minneapolis boudoir photographer and the artist behind Illuminate Boudoir.  I got my start doing professional photography eight years ago, when it was my summer job during college.  Today, I'm in my third year running my photography business full-time and more passionate about it than ever.

How do I describe myself? Coffee drinker. Optimist. Feminist. Lover of long summer walks, weekend famers markets, and afternoon yoga class. Happiest when I'm behind a camera or cooking dinner with those I love.

I started creating boudoir portraits because I believe that our world needs a change. In our society, women are told over and over that they aren't good enough - they need to be photoshopped in order to be beautiful, they need to dress or walk or live in a certain way... there's a lot of pressure and a lot of control that is take away from us.

In my boudoir sessions, I partner with my clients (I work with anyone who identifies as a woman) to consider how they want to be photographed, what they want to say to the world, how they want to represent and document and remember themselves. I work to naturally, elegantly capture your personality and your body so that you can see yourself as the beautiful, strong, amazing person you are.

We need to accept and love our bodies as the beautiful and strong entities that they are - and even more so, we need to see and love ourselves for the glorious, amazing beings that we are. We are soulful and authentic and absolutely stunning.

I  work with women to create elegant, artful portraits that celebrate their body and spirit. I would love to talk with you about how we can create some amazing art together.

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